Grave lantern protection beaker

Most cemetery visitors, who often place a grave light on the grave, have experienced at least one of the scenes shown above. The grave light housing caught fire. The wax has spread in and around the grave lamp. Due to the extreme heat development, the glass panes may also have been damaged. Since cleaning the grave lamp in the cemetery proves to be extremely difficult or impossible, the stonemason is entrusted with this task. The grave lamp is sent to the manufacturer because in most cases such a damage requires replacement parts (e.g. mounting brackets, glass panes). The cost of repairing the damage is usually around EUR 75.00 or more. An additional annoyance with irreparable damage arises when the grave lamp is on a base or a grave slab. The liquid wax that has penetrated into the pores of the stone cannot be removed by cleaning. It takes up to five years for the wax to bleach and become virtually invisible.

Here is the solution recommended by grave lantern manufacturers:

New York

The grave lantern protection beaker for grave lights is made of transparent DIN-certified laboratory glass, borosilicate glass 3.3 (in the original Jena glass, but the Jena glass works closed in 2005), heat-resistant and fire-proof according to DIN ISO 3585.
Since this is manufactured in two sizes (see packaging for dimensions), all standard grave lights can be used. If the grave light housing catches fire due to excessive summer temperatures or the non-burning candle wick, this combustion will not cause any damage to the grave lantern, since it takes place inside the grave lantern protection beaker. The heat build-up is inhibited so that the glass panes of the grave lantern cannot burst. The otherwise escaping wax is caught in the grave lantern protection cup. Even a slightly damaged grave light housing (hairline crack) can contaminate the grave lantern with liquid wax escaping.

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Hold the grave lantern protection beaker at a slight angle and let your grave light slowly slide into the grave lantern protection beaker, ignite it and put both together in your grave lantern.

Clean the grave lantern protection beaker by heating it in a water bath and then washing out the wax.

The grave lantern protection beaker is available in two sizes:

- Diameter 65mm / 61mm, Height 100mm, for 3-day-burner-candles, G3

- Diameter 75mm / 71mm, Height 160mm, for 7-day-burner-candles, G7

Here is a current flyer with all information as a PDF for download: Flyer.pdf

User-Tipps for Download: Tipps.pdf

For those interested in technology, here is a collection of frequently asked questions about the used borosilicate glass 3.3: Boro-FAQ

Disposal: Like all heat-resistant glasses, including those in a household, they must never be disposed of in the normal waste glass collection, because due to its high melting point, it causes problems when melting with the other recycling shards (soda-lime glass).


New York

Grave Lantern Protection Beaker

to protect your grave lantern made of Borosilicateglass 3.3



frequently asked questions about Borosilicateglass 3.3 according to DIN ISO 3585


Damage Gallery

Gallery full of damage images because of missing protection beakers.



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